Triple Identity

Title:Triple Identity An Intelligence Thriller (Dan Gordon Thrillers)
Editor:Haggai Carmon
Publisher:Unknown Publisher
Length:328 pages
Size:1.53 MB

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Triple Identity: An Intelligence Thriller (Dan Gordon Thrillers) by Haggai

One afternoon in 1993, in a windowless conference room in Washington, D.C., a tall visitor opened a powerful laptop and turned it to face a closed session of an interagency committee of senior investigative agents and lawyers from a dozen government offices.
Everyone sitting in that room investigated major multinational crimes or managed other substantial international cases on behalf of the United States. All of us were concerned with recovering profits of crime or to win redress for victims of civil wrongs. Our successes, whether generally unknown or splashed across the media, were matters of public record. We of course relied for them on an array of law enforcement investigative tools and governmental mechanisms for international cooperation. But as he clicked on screen after screen Haggai Carmon, an international lawyer in private practice, surprised those of us meeting him for the first time with true tales of how, as a consultant to the U. S. government, his independent approaches had ferreted out millions in U.S. crime profits that perpetrators had cached abroad. In this work Haggai had also gathered legal intelligence in more than thirty countries that proved to be at least significant and sometimes crucial to civil and criminal cases, money laundering cases in particular, involving the U.S. government.
The methods Haggai outlined were original, effective, and unusually swift. Some
made creative use of that slim computer of his. All were perfectly legal. Whether
retained to work in tandem with government investigators or operating independently for the government, Haggai had in numerous major cases been responsible not only for tracking down ill-gotten assets abroad but for facilitating their return to the United States.
Nearly a decade later, Haggai surprised me again. By then I’d retired from my Department of Justice job as general counsel for the INTERPOL-U.S. National Central Bureau, slipping gratefully off to a quieter life. But Haggai had another true tale, and he tracked me down to tell it.
During sleepless, jet-lagged nights in remote hotels, he’d pounded out an international legal/spy thriller based on his years as a money hunter in more than thirty countries.
Would I look at Triple Identity’s discussions of INTERPOL to see that they were authentic? I agreed to check relevant sections. When the bulky manuscript arrived, however, I glanced at its first page, the first sentence — and read straight through to the very last word.
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